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Inkberry is crafted from our Mountain-Estate vineyard on the rugged Western side of Australia's Great Dividing Range. The cold mountain air that once settled over the goldfields in Australia's own wild west now nurtures the grapes in one of Australia'best wine regions. Made from vines planted on ancient soil, Inkberry grapes get the first rays of sunlight that reach the slopes of our mountain estate giving the wines rich, fruit-forward flavours and a dark, inky complexion that can only occur through a methodical cool-climate ripening. Aged in American oak, Inkberry wines are softly textured with intricate spice flavours with elegant, yet persistent tannins.


Our Mountain-Estate is nestled in the Central Ranges of New South Wales, just over 150 miles West of Sydney. The landscape is dominated by the snow-capped Mt Canobolis, an ancient volcano that erupted multiple times 11 to 13 million years ago, flooding the surrounding plains with a wave of slow-moving lava. Today, this land is recognised to be some of Australia's most fertile soil, responsible for producing the finest high-altitude wines. Ancient nutrients stored deep in the earth are extracted by the deep roots of our vines, which in turn produce fruit with unparalleled quality. The result is intense, earthy wines emblematic of the unique terroir of our vineyard.

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